Beijing Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Universal Joint Mr. Tang Haitian staff welcome new and old customers to visit and guide our work! The company has a good reputation for quality products, products "three guarantees", and to provide pre-design, selection, sale, installation, commissioning, after-sales care, maintenance and other services.

Beijing Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Universal joint design, manufacture and sale of industrial chillers (group), industrial cooling machine oil, industrial cold air (gas) machine, industrial freezers, cryogenic freezers, industrial air conditioning, open chiller (group), snails Rod Chiller (group), laser chiller, PCB chiller, chiller machine, machine oil cooling machine, plating chiller, vacuum coating chiller, chiller ultrasound, high frequency chiller, chiller wave soldering, reflow soldering chillers, freezers hydrochloric acid, sauna freezers, seafood freezer, fish pond fish tank temperature machines, mold temperature, cooling towers, cooling water pump, condenser, evaporator, shunt, quick connectors, pipe cleaners, detergents , rust inhibitor, water softener, central air conditioning, refrigerator freezer, etc. more than 30 series, 180 specifications and types of products, users in mainland China Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Nanjing, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shantou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Urumqi, Jinan, Qingdao, Tianjin, Shenyang, Dalian, Changchun and other 32 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and cities and exported to Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Algeria, Liberia, Pakistan, South Africa, Namibia, North Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Australia, the United States, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other 56 countries and regions, more than 6,000 users, involving industry, agriculture, aviation, aerospace, laser, medicine, food, beverage, cosmetics, toys, chemicals, hardware, building materials, automotive, electronics, electrical, mechanical and electrical industry congress, more than thirty industries.

Recently, my company rely on excellent quality, good service and the success of the China Aerospace Research Institute, Tianjin Orient Okaya, Beijing billion Ren Group, Research Institute of Qinghua Fang, and signed a contract and establish a long-term relationship. Beijing Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to joint global customer needs, and constantly develop new technologies, develop new products for customers to choose. Create greater productivity for our customers, the highest take greater economic benefits. We adhere to customer-centric, high-quality materials, reasonable assembly, and continuously improve product quality and service levels, to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and make unremitting efforts! We look forward to cooperation with you the customer happy, but as always, welcome to my company users expressed concern and support!

Warmly celebrate the nine hundred million United Industrial Co., Ltd. and Beijing Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Global successful cooperation! Nine hundred million Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional production of vertical \ mode automatic packaging machine, packaging machine Wipes manufacturing and food whole plant equipment, production in China, occupying a strong position. The partnership, 900 million Industrial company eyes the quality of our strong technical support and after sales service. We look forward to the next Industrial Co., Ltd. with the cooperation of nine hundred million!

Congratulations Iron Machinery Co., Ltd. Taiwan Luo use our products! Luo trademarks of Metals Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly printing and whole plant equipment, mainly in Taiwan and mainland China occupying a strong science and technology. The selection of our products mainly Chinese company in the industry's strength and perfect after-sales service capabilities!

Warmly celebrate Zhu Dongguang Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (formerly state-run eighth seventy-eight plant) combined with the Beijing Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Global successful cooperation! East-Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is specialized in semiconductor equipment and processing enterprises, the shell plating is widely used in the production of integrated circuits into a major manufacturing plant and Research and communications technology field. This cooperation, mainly Chinese and my company's strength in the industry and improve after-sales service capabilities.

Congratulations Beijing Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Universal Joint Co., Ltd. Taiwan Lung successful cooperation! Taiwan Lung Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's only jet-set trimming rubber frozen rubber drum machine and freezer in one trimmer trimmer professional frozen rubber manufacturer, whose products have been Germany, France, Italy, the United States, Japan and other developed countries and regions in Europe and Japan users sure! The Lung Technology Co., Ltd. of Taiwan in mainland China through carefully selected, comprehensive study to finalize the joint with the Beijing Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Global cooperation and signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement!

According to relevant industry information center recently made for the chiller market, market survey, Beijing Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Universal joint production of industrial chiller market accounts for about 51.8% of Tianjin and Hebei region, which accounts for about 68.2% in Beijing.

Congratulations Yi Li Sheng (Beijing) Co., Ltd. use our products! Yi Li Sheng (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a prestigious mainland China Industry Group, the products are exported to European markets. The Yi Li Sheng (Beijing) Co., Ltd. use our products to fully explain the combined company's global technical superiority and overall strength.

Congratulations Beijing Mars Technology Development Co., Ltd. use our products! Ares is Germany's Mercedes Car Group's parts suppliers, the main production line in Germany Benz body frame, is the largest auto parts manufacturers. The Mars Technology Development Ltd Beijing use our products, took a fancy to our powerful technical strength and new product development capabilities.

I warmly congratulate the collective bid Han Kuang Industrial Group Co., Ltd. belongs to the branch chiller purchases. Han Kuang Group Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of office supplies and metal smelting machinery manufacturers, is the first "conversion of" listed group companies. The Han Kuang group's branches from a large number of suppliers selected in cooperation with Universal Joint, Universal Joint Company fully explain the product quality, comprehensive services, fully embodies the "guests want, what we have to do "business philosophy.

Congratulations Shinhan (Beijing) Auto Parts Systems use our products! Shinhan (Beijing) Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is South Korea's Hyundai Group System affiliates, the main production series car parts South Korea's Hyundai, is Beijing's largest auto parts manufacturers. It is precisely because the combined company's global product with a modern sense of service, product quality, modern consciousness, and ultimately the new Republic of Korea (Beijing) Auto Parts System Co., Ltd. was selected with my company.

Warm congratulations to the following units use our products! Beijing Long March days, people high-tech Co., Ltd., Hebei Yintiezhiguan Co., Ltd., Tianjin Meyer Chemical Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia, Dafeng Graphite Co., Ltd., Beijing Minmetals Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin technical quality Inspection Institute, Beijing gold ideal Precision Mould Co., Ltd., Hebei Xing Suo Saw Co., Ltd., Beijing coal ASTRI, Beijing Metal Research Institute, Dalian Tianyuan Motor Co., Ltd., Beijing Institute of sealing technology, Ministry of Science and Technology Institute, Polymer Chemical Co., Ltd. Beijing Yi Wei, Beijing East Rail Transport Co., Ltd., Beijing Tan Tan Thai Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., Beijing eternal Yu Plastic Co., Ltd., North University, Nanjing University, Renmin University of China, Beijing University of Technology .... ..

Warmly celebrate the Guangdong Environmental Systems Co., Ltd. and Beijing Matsushita Universal Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. to joint success! Guangdong Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in environmental systems Panasonic brand panasonic ventilation fans, range hoods, dryers, air filters, humidifiers, fans, heat exchange component, air curtain, fan coil units, air conditioning units and other modular product design, manufacturing and sales. The first products in the U.S. industry to obtain the title of provincial energy products, and the U.S. environmental authorities "Energy Star" honors in the world has been the trust and recognition. The partnership, Guangdong Environmental Systems Co., Ltd. Matsushita eyes the quality of our strong technical support and after sales service. We look forward to next time and cooperation!
Warmly celebrate the Beijing Institute of Electrical and use our products! Beijing Institute of Electrical and mainly engaged in metal forming technology and equipment, metal heat treatment technology and equipment, vacuum heat treatment technology and equipment, mold technology, automotive interior parts forming technology and equipment, fine blanking technology and equipment, industrial robots and automated control systems , engineering test, new materials, metal superplastic technology, developed by a variety of power technologies and other industry research and development work. Not only provides businesses with stand-alone device, also provides integrated technology, equipment and automated logistics system, forging, heat treatment, fully automated production line. The selection of our products mainly Chinese company's products in the industry's strength and perfect after-sales service capabilities!
Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences to celebrate the selection of our products! Institute of High Energy is China's high energy physics research, accelerator technology, advanced research and development, advanced technology and ray ray comprehensive research base application. His predecessor was founded in 1950, the Institute of Modern Physics, later renamed Physics, Atomic Energy Research Institute, 1973 in accordance with the instructions of Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, in Atomic Energy Research Institute, based on a set made. The selection of our products mainly Chinese company's products have strong technical support and perfect after-sales service capabilities!

Warm congratulations to the following units use our products! Navy four thousand seven hundred twenty-three factory, Beijing Metal Mineral Group, Inner Mongolia, Dafeng Graphite Co., Ltd., Taiwan's Fu Sheng Group, Changchun Yuda Electrical Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University, energy companies, high-tech vision of Baoding Co., Ltd., China Aerospace Corporation, Beijing Xin Hang Success Limited, Henan camel Group Co., Ltd., Huludao Hui Yi Chemical Co., Ltd., Luoyang Desheng Chemical Co., Ltd., Hubei Gold Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Antarctic Group Co., Ltd. Ji Lin Tianze Chemical Company, USA Miya Ji (China) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Guibang Group.
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